Why Future Proofing Cloud Computing Security is Necessary

Cloud computing is molding and transforming how businesses operate and communicate and it is a must for organization to not only adapt to the changing trends of today's business environment, but also prepare for the (cloud computing) future that lies ahead.

Most Secure Cloud Computing Solution and Provider

Cloud-based datacenter solutions have become popular for many enterprise-level businesses across all industries. Replacing company-owned server equipment or adding a hybrid network solution with a customized cloud solution is attractive to many corporations because of its scalability, cost efficiencies, and operational efficiencies. As the robustness and capabilities of Cloud-based applications and services grows (e.g aaS / as-a-Service) organizations need to be ready to shift their established mindset and modus operandi. That being said, many have concerns over how to select the most secure cloud computing solution and service provider. How do you make sure that your provider is ensuring the top-level of cloud-based security, both in the data transition and maintenance phases? Since every corporation and individual may have different risks, this is a tricky question to answer; however, we’ve outlined some of the most common things to look for in identifying the most secure cloud computing solution and provider for you.

Secure Colocation South Florida

Clients often come with a major concern when looking for South Florida colocation solutions, and that’s security (physical and digital). A trusted colocation service provider will be able to provide the highest level of physical security as well as data safety and security for its clients, treating its clients’ data as its most valued possessions. Let’s take a look at some of the security features that Host.net offers. These are world-class offerings that help our clients to sleep well at night, knowing that their data is tucked in, and safely guarded 24/7/365.

South Florida Colocation Data Centers

Here’s some data center trivia; What can process information up to 268 miles per hour, weighs about three pounds, and generates between 10 and 23 watts of power when active? Hint: It is the most important datacenter you will ever need. That’s right, it’s the human brain! The human brain is a remarkable anatomical work of art. The statistics are amazing; The average human processes over 70,000 thoughts a day, has about 100 billion neurons and anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 synapses for each neuron. There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the brain. Now that we’ve covered the physiological data center, let’s switch gears and talk about the “digital” datacenter.

Best Colocation Service Providers in South Florida

The best beaches; the best vacation spots; the best weather- South Florida is home to some of the best things that life has to offer, including colocation. The best colocation in South Florida can be found within the Host.net infrastructure. We are the South Florida leaders in providing cloud computing, colocation, connectivity and business continuity. With the values of excellence, teamwork, leadership, communication, performance, innovation, and competition, we strive each day to maintain our status as the undisputed leaders in the industry, and one of the best colocation service models South Florida has to offer.

Choosing a Secure and Reliable Colocation Facility For Your Business

How do you choose a colocation facility for your business? The quick answer is that there is no quick answer as the specific requirements are different for every company. However, there are a few key industry standards of which to be aware when choosing a colocation facility to meet your (companies) needs.

Colocation Services in South Florida

South Florida; sun kissed noses, expansive beaches, beautiful people, exquisite dining, near perfect year-round weather and… One of the fastest growing Information Technology hubs in the nation offering world-class colocation services - some of the regional and national top colocation service providers (like Host.net) are uniquely helping South Florida businesses prosper, and we want to tell you how.

Colocation Services For Latin America Based Companies

Have you been working on developing the right IT infrastructure for your company, but are not satisfied with what your regional providers are offering? What will it take to score your colocation datacenter “goals?” Do you need an international colocation provider on your “team?” If the answer is a “yes” to any, some or all of these questions then here are some things to consider when looking for global colocation services to complete your IT team.

What is Enterprise Level Colocation?

“Enterprise-level Colocation” sounds like a very scary word; however, this article will break it down in a way that will have you excited and talking about it at your next dinner party. Ok, maybe you won’t talk colocation at your dinner party, but definitely at your next IT meeting.

Top 5 Threats to Cloud Computing Security

According to the Cloud Security Alliance's (CSA) most recent report, the top five (5) threats to cloud computing security among the nine cited in the report include: Data Breaches, Data Loss, Account or Service Traffic Hijacking, Insecure Interfaces and APIs, and Denial of Service.