The Need of Having a Private Data Center

Think of your company’s most prized assets. Whether it’s proprietary information, financials, competitive analysis, or highly protected information, your company’s assets are likely housed in large and in part in a private data center

Think of your company's most prized assets. Whether it's proprietary information, financials, competitive analysis, or highly protected information, your company's assets are likely housed in large and in part in a private data center.

The Digital Revolution and Private Data Centers

As we move into an increasingly digital world it's all about Data, and Big Data at that. Data informs the development of products and services; it holds key metrics on financial models, accounting, and analysis; it protects intellectual property; and informs market research and highly competitive marketing plans. The market research firm IDC suggests that digital information will increase each year to 35 trillion gigabytes by 2020, requiring 44 times more data storage compared to that required in 2009 (Download the report here). This is all information that you want to not only keep in a data center, but a highly protected one at that. This exponential increase in data requires not only a massive data center; it mandates that the data center be private and secure. This being the case, you have to ask yourself: Is your company prepared?

The Investment of a Private Data Center

A private data center could be one of the most important decisions and investments that your company or organization will make. To prepare and protect your company or organization for the technology and data management, use, and storage needs of the future is no small task. It requires a partner that is capable of providing a private data center solution with the following qualities:

1. Expertise
2. Security
3. Continuity
4. Scalability

Secure Private Data Center

Information security is a major consideration for any company looking for a private data center. To protect your data, your private data center should be maintained in the most secure environment possible, safeguarding your data and systems from any potential security breach. The integrity of your company's private data center environment should be one of the top priorities of any hosted private data center environment.

Private Data Center Uptime

Continuity of data drives most companies' daily operations. Data is at the lifeblood of daily operations; from processing orders, to managing schedules, to tracking inventory, to managing large customer databases, the storage and use of data is endless; and therefore, the value of continuity is priceless. If a data system is interrupted or stops working all together, company operations may be hindered or even abruptly halted. A continuous private data center provides a reliable infrastructure for IT operations in order to minimize any chance of disruption. Continuous private data centers must rely on redundancy and contingency plans and protocols that can keep data centers running even in the unfortunate event of a catastrophic emergency, power outage, potential security breach, etc.

Scalable Data Center

Would you want a private data center that is perfect for today, but not tomorrow? At the rate of exponential change in digital technology and computing, it is absolutely critical that a private data center be scalable to meet the needs of your company both today and in the future. A private data center with capabilities to grow in data size, functionality, systems, usage, etc. will go along way in securing your company's investment.

As you can see, a private data center isn't just a thing of the future; it's an ever-present reality that your company is likely facing. However, selecting the right private data center partner who can provide secure, continuous, and scalable solutions is the key to growing and protecting your company's most precious assets.

As you can see, there is no quick answer to determine the best path on securing the right Private Data Center; however, it is a necessary and critical task. Selecting the right Private Data Center partner to help your organization identify and map it's needs is the first and crucial step. Give us a call today at (561) 869-6100 or email us here so we can begin customizing your secure Private Data Center to meet your company's present and future needs.

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